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YSI Meters
Southern Aquaculture Supply is a leading supplier of YSI Meters.
Dissolved Oxygen, pH, and Salinity Meters.
Handheld, bench top, or field models we have them all!

SAS is a member of the Lake Village Chamber of Commerce
and the Lake Village Arkansas Network.

Family owned and operated since 1994, the Williamson family has been
a leader in fish farming, hatcheries and pond and lake managment since 1975.

Information and specifications

YSI ODO-Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meter
YSI 55 Dissolved Oxygen Meter
YSI 550-A Dissolved Oxygen Meter
YSI 85 Multifunction Meter
YSI 52 Dissolved Oxygen Meter
YSI 58 Dissolved Oxygen Meter
YSI 63 pH/Conductivity Meter
YSI pH100
YSI 30 Salinity/Conductivity/Temperature
YSI 556 Multiprobe System
YSI pH100

For over 25 years, YSI s quality instruments are unsurpassed.

When you buy a YSI meter you are buying a top quality product
that has years of research and development behind it.

Need help finding what you need?
Call us and we'll try to find it for you.
Call Toll Free  800-850-7274  !


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